Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Missing sign for airport turn-off

 Recently, my relative came from the US for a visit. He rented a car at the airport and was able to find his way into Port of Spain. However, when it was time to return, he drove all the way to Ari­ma before he realised he had probably passed the airport. 

When he reported this to me, I was sure he had missed the sign indicating Piarco Airport, but I have travelled the route several times since and, in fact, there is no sign indicating where the turn-off to the airport is. The last sign that I have seen states “8 km to Piarco”. 

Can the authorities please do something urgently about this huge omission and install several signs, so people can get in the correct lane from at least two kilometres before the airport turn-off. 

Susan Henry

via e-mail