Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More attacks coming our way

The European heads of mission in Port of Spain have united to condemn the Express for conducting its lawful business in publishing an advertisement in defence of decency (“Blatantly homophobic campaign’’, Express, May 24). Perhaps, these diplomats believe that we have forgotten how their countries ravished and exploited their former colonies and then left us to fend for ourselves, with little more than a handshake in parting.

Now that we are still struggling to find our feet, they have returned to complete the job they started centuries ago by pressuring us to adopt their corrupt lifestyle, which can only lead to destruction.

The British High Commissioner recently insulted this nation by defiantly raising a rainbow flag in Port of Spain, in the full knowledge that the majority of God-fearing people in this nation do not support the homosexual lifestyle. I’m sure we will see more of these attacks in the future.

Stand firm T&T!

C Moore

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