Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More, but of what?

MOR road, as in more highway... more protests... more tyres of shame... more full yellow suit for Soca Monarch... more yellow wording: “Ministry of Road”... more politics in Carnival... more soca mafia... more “all-inclusive” exclusive events... more posing for more photo ops... more corruption... more PM flying here, there and everywhere amidst real bacchanal in T&T... more politicians ever-present at Carnival time only... more societal division... more stages to cross... more desperate, dehumanising, not-for-the-public eye behaviour from big women and men... more police for more safety for more pats on more backs... more sheer capitalism... more bands... more made-in-China costumes... more rum to keep us interested and involved in de Carnival this year... more hypocrisy and more ashes the day after Carnival.

This is the first year I felt such a harsh culture shock for Carnival, although in between trying to get a grip on what I was involved in, I saw traces of the beauty and the creativity and the people who make T&T Carnival uniquely enjoyable and truly fun. Maybe we need another MOR (Ministry of Realness) to wake us up out of our stupor of half-grudging acceptance of utter madness! After all, we are the ones who experience the effects of the causes we make, always.

T Tam-Cruickshank

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