Saturday, December 16, 2017

More sensible parking for PoS

We wish to refer to an article written by Ms Dana Seetahal under the title "To wreck or not" in the Saturday Express of December 15. We feel obligated to correct the misrepresentations contained therein.

We wish to emphasise for the public record that our representation to the authorities regarding the parking crisis in the downtown area never intended that the police turn a blind eye to illegally parked cars. What we did request was a temporary amendment to the parking rules to facilitate those shoppers who wish to favour Port of Spain.

We pointed out the shortage of available parking and offered a sensible and co-ordinated short-term adjustment to the parking rules. This included an amendment which would allow the public to use Abercromby Street outside the Red House—unoccupied since Parliament was moved— which is wide enough to accommodate parking on both sides.

Our desperation and frantic public pronouncements were necessitated by the unwillingness of the various agencies to respond to any of our cogent proposals for compromise, but instead to continue the ironically efficient fleet of tow trucks swarming Port of Spain.

The inference by Ms Seetahal of our alleged hypocrisy in wanting permission to defy parking laws is totally unfair given our repeated requests for a sensible amendment of the archaic parking rules. Sensible, not only because it is based on local knowledge of what has worked before, but sensible also because it will defend hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs which are at risk.

Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA)