Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mosquitoes in the millions

I called the Office of Disaster Preparedness Management (ODPM) who advertised they would pass on requests from citizens to the Ministry of Health regarding the spraying of premises for mosquitoes. The following is the timeline of events to date:

1. On January 1 at 9.03 a.m. I called 511-ODPM as advertised in the press

2. On January 8 at 8.37 a.m. ODPM called, enquiring whether I had been contacted by the Ministry of Health.

3. On January 15 at 9.50 a.m. a Ministry of Health official called (662-3933) for details regarding request/address/condition of adjacent property. Upon my request for his name, I was told such disclosure is not policy.

4. On January 31 at 7.08 a.m. Mr No-name called requesting similar information.

Here's what my family and I have done and will continue doing:

·We light small outdoor fires to "smoke out" mosquitoes.

·I continue to clean my surroundings and my neighbour's empty lot as best as I can.

·I purchase many different brands of mosquito coils, always with the hope that one would work better than the others.

·When family and friends visit to enjoy time with me and my wife in our newly built home, they can only stay outdoors after 6 p.m. if I light another fire in an iron coalpot to welcome the beautiful rhythms made by slapping mosquitoes alighting on each other's skin.

·The children yearn to play hopscotch and ride their bicycles in the cool evenings when the sun sets a tangerine orange in the sky but I order them indoors to look at television and log in to Facebook. Good eye and finger exercises!

Sadly when a young promising child dies in Joyce Road Extension South, Carapichaima, our village will then be bombarded with MOH officials requesting information already supplied. When an elderly man or woman succumbs to dengue only then will they issue media bulletins extracting themselves from the tragic outcome.

I have great hope those to whom it may concern (ODPM, MOH, Mr Minister, Mr No-Name etc) will really be concerned. Both the ODPM and Mr No-Name have the house location. I now demand that "all yuh com and do somting about dese flying, biting, killing insects before one or more ah we ded".

If not, Mr Minister you are invited to spend an evening with us sans mosquito coils, nets or coalpot smoke, come take ah chance nah, like the res ah we! I have had dengue recently, I have suffered immeasurably. Should I now wait for dengue haemorraghic while waiting for all yuh?

Dexter Talma