Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mr Commissioner, it’s time to make a difference

 It is so comical to hear that the acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams had to be reprimanded on his inability to perform his job efficiently. 

In this crime wave Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing, the fact that Mr Williams has remained so quiet really goes to show that he is either tired, has run out of ideas or the team of workers behind him is also out of ideas and just don’t know what to do any more.

Come on man, get it together now. Twenty-two murders already for the year..This is not a good start. Yes, some of the murders may not be preventable like in domestic  cases but these gang murders and the fact that there are illegal firearms out there in high quantity shows that they are not doing their jobs well enough. 

Yes, it is a hard post to hold but you are given a chance to make a difference in our sweet T&T.                           

                                          Riaz James

                                                     via e-mail