Murdering justice with psychiatry

There is no physical or biochemical exam to measure a person for mental illness. There exists no tangible measurement process of testing for mental disorder.
Psychiatry is all pseudo-science where so-called mental disorders are voted into existence. All psychiatrists are well aware of this. There is no specific place in the body to which psychiatrists look for mental disorder before they diagnose.
What procedure then has the judicial system released murder accused Dwayne Lewis to have performed on him at St Ann’s Hospital? Dwayne Lewis is the man accused of murdering his six-year-old step-daughter Keyana Cumberbatch.
To diagnose cervical cancer doctors use a pap smear exam. To detect weaknesses in metal welds engineers use radiography (X-ray) inspection. To diagnose whether a car’s engine can run mechanics do a start test. Psychiatrists, however, admit they have no form of biochemical or physical test procedure for arriving at diagnoses of mental disorders.
Psychiatrists’ tool for arriving at mental illness is subjective “observation” and comparing patient behaviour against agreed upon “checklists” supposedly defining symptoms for mental illness, as detailed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) published by the American Psychiatric Association.
Some examples of pseudo-mental disorders include: Antisocial Personality Disorder, Specific Phobia, Depersonalisation Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Female Hysteria, Seasonal Affective Disorder and ADHD.
“The mischief started with DSM-5 and its rogues’ gallery of untested diagnoses that turn everyday life problems into mental disorders.
“Per DSM-5, people who don’t need help will often get it (to their detriment), while those desperately in need of help will continue to be shamefully neglected. And to crown the irony, APA gets to collect fat publishing profits for producing a manual that is both unnecessary and unsafe.
“Then, to compound the mess, the National Institute of Mental Health issued an inflammatory press release criticising all of current psychiatry—for being brainless and invalid. NIMH made it sound like psychiatric diagnosis without biological testing is worthless.”
Again, there are no laboratory tests to specifically diagnose mental illness—zero, none.
Psychiatrists whip out their DSM-5. They eyeball these so-called patients. They decide their behaviours resemble this or that checklist of so-called classic mental disorder symptoms. They then conclude seeing presence of mental disorder, and of course bill for services and prescription of drugs. It is all nonsense.
Why is the judicial system abetting Dwayne Lewis to delay his trial—hence to frustrate expedient justice?
Just like that the judiciary bonuses him 14 days reprieve from facing judgment after the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope took him in their sanctuary for 19 days, beginning November 26.
Was this man “normal” for many months or years before this alleged crime?
So he was only mad during all the time (minutes or hours) it took to do all the sick, violent things he allegedly did to the child? Now he might be mentally disturbed because he is the top suspect?
Should a terroriser really be pardoned for his crime if he pleads insanity but was never insane before he did the crime, nor has his personality deviated from what it was following the crime?
Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. Thus, a convenient plead of insanity in hope of escaping punishment for breaking the law is no excuse for breaking the law.
If persons can now do crimes and plead insanity, which gets them off the hook, justice is bound to change hands from State justice to mob justice.
Sarah Parks
via e-mail
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