My Christmas prayer for a better T&T

 As we approach this festive season of Christmas, my prayer is for us to stop and look at who we are, what we have become and to take the required steps to emerge from our stupor.  

Any political party that wishes to find excuses for losing an election rather than evaluate the reason for its failure is doomed to continue losing. It’s the same for a nation.  

If we continue to make excuses for where we are and what we have evolved into rather than seek solutions to our problems we will continue to decline economically, socially and spiritually. 

Over the years we have come to accept as normal: water in our pipes a few days weekly or sometimes monthly, poor hospital condition, traffic jams and dilapidated infrastructure.  

The worst, however, is our growing apathy towards crime.  

Recently on my way to shop a Peake Store in Cocorite, an employee was shot just outside the entrance to the store.  

Had it not been for the police closing off the entry gate one would not have known that a young man was murdered. At the store consumers were shopping as usual as a reporter interviewed an employee about the dead man.  

A few hours after the murder, the gate was reopened and life continued as if the shooting of a young man was normal, everyday activity.  

Almost everywhere the story seems to be the same, murders are no longer big news—just another number in the crime statistics.  

Crying parents outside the Forensic Centre is now a familiar scene that provokes little or no external emotion.  

The plea by a past government minister to proclaim the Children’s Act at the Parliament was seen by some as an act of a mad woman.  

We have grown to live with stagnant water in the Beetham, faeces on our sidewalk outside our office buildings, vagrants in our parks, shanties on our State lands and promises without substance.  

Citizens routinely speed past lines of traffic on the shoulder of the road and break traffic lights with impunity.  

We make excuses for blatant acts of racism, cronyism and nepotism.  We have degenerated into a nation of uncaring, selfish people with little regard for our neighbours and God.

May our nation be blessed this Christmas with the gift of love, introspection and most of all the determination to face the reality of where we are with a hope to unite in emerging from the state of despair.  

I pray that we learn to love each other and live with hope again.

God bless our nation.

Steve Alvarez

via e-mail

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