Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My top ten Carnival list

 I am so upset, I don’t know how to put this letter together so it can flow coherently, so I am just going to make a 

“Top Ten List of Concerns”. 

1. Why can’t you purchase tickets online to attend the greatest show on earth? 

2. Why aren’t there several outlets around the country to purchase tickets, similar to shows and parties? Why must I go to to the Savannah to purchase a ticket?

3. Why is there no information in all three dailies about Carnival venues, showtime, tickets, etc? I looked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday papers—nothing.

4. If you’re going to have a new venue for a Carnival parade, shouldn’t it be adver­-

tised to the public? Socadrome failed because of poor marketing and no advertising.

5. Why are ticket prices so expensive? Why is the National Carnival Commission (NCC) forcing the public to purchase tickets for both Monday and Tuesday?

6. Why doesn’t the NCC provide infor­mation to persons who are working with them? Tourists and locals want directions or information as to where to go, etc. 

7. Jouvert failed. I took some of my relatives to Port of Spain for Jouvert. It was the first time for my 15-year-old niece. It was boring, disappointing and embarrassing. I could have stayed at home, get some more sleep and saved myself some gas.

8. Shouldn’t there be designated parking for the thousands of vehicles coming into Port of Spain? The wreckers were having a field day. You either provide efficient public transportation to move the expected massive crowd or provide designated parking.

9. Where are the traffic police? I guess they do not work at nights. Many drivers, including myself, were stuck in a gridlock for hours on Wrightson Road on Carnival Tuesday night. There should be at least one free lane with no music trucks, etc.

10. Beads and feathers, beads and feathers—enough already. Yes, you bandleaders all deserve to lose. No imagination and creativity. Nobody is interested anymore. Nobody wants to look at just bikini, beads and feathers. 

Michelle Williams

via e-mail