Sunday, December 17, 2017

My complaint to Town and Country

I am replying to the letter written by Terrence Beddoe and Gary Aboud about the silence of Town and Country Division (Express January 1).

I wrote to the T&C on July 18 2012 re: an illegal structure/business in my neighbourhood and to date all I have got is a brief letter dated October 18, stating that my "complaint has been forwarded to the Development Unit for investigation."

My letter was accompanied with cadastral map and pictures of the construction in progress and a request for any approvals that were acquired by the owner for said construction. Since then the building has been completed and the business of selling and truck parts and front cuts is well underway.

This amounts to a 28-foot structure of steel beams and wall and excessive noise and now mosquitoes in my backyard.

All this was done not three feet from my fence and not the required ten feet that is needed for such a construction. (I researched this).

I am concerned about the integrity of this construction as I witnessed huge steel beams and tons of concrete being used on a piece of land that was hastily terraced.

All of this was done in a housing development where there is no permission for such a construction.

I am asking when would I get redress from the various governing bodies about my complaint. I might add here that I have also written to the Couva/Tabaquite Regional Corporation and the Environment Management Authority.

Donna-Mae Sampson

via e-mail