Sunday, January 21, 2018

NCBA, NCC must change their approach

I am disgusted with the incompetence and dictatorial behaviour displayed by both the NCBA and NCC.

Firstly, the "new" Dimanche Gras show was a painful exercise to watch and makes me wonder if anyone involved actually viewed previous shows. (It was good for helping with my insomnia problem). With this level of incompetence it's no wonder the NCC is millions of dollars in debt.

Secondly, I cannot understand the NCBA thinking it can control anything related to Carnival.

It has expressed concern about images being posted to Facebook and other social media. Carnival belongs to the people and participants and thinking that somehow you can control photos/videos in this modern age is backward and unfeasible and shows that these people simply do not understand the online world.

Modern thinking would want to actively promote content of T&T Carnival to try to attract more visitors, especially from overseas (you would think a bandleaders' association should know this).

I think Carnival has devolved to the point where it's no longer about the "mas" but in extracting as much money from whoever you can! This "eat ah food" attitude by organisations who should know better must stop.

R Samaroo

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