Saturday, February 24, 2018

Nizam strikes a victory for democracy

For decades, the Promotions Advisory Board of the Police Service Commission has been screaming for an overhaul. And when Mr Nizam Mohammed determined to put the essential framework for making such necessary changes made he was beaten down like a Judas puppet at Easter time.

Mr Mohammed said he sought to clear his name for his family in the wake of his premature dismissal by the President, after his remarks about racial imbalance in the Police Service at a Joint Select Committee in 2011.

He said then that there were too few East Indians in leadership positions in the Police Service and suggested that because of this, East Indians may not co-operate with the police or feel protected.

Mr Mohammed was simply stating the facts and finally, after all is said and done, he is now vindicated. Something that is not nearly as publicised in the media as the statement he made initially.

The PNM's Rowley has a dangerous habit of calling for a person's head as soon as they mention something that he is not comfortable with, as we saw in the recent past— case in point, Dr Indira Rampersad's statement. It can be clear that in this case, Rowley's hatred for "anti-discriminatory" sentiments manifested in the fact that Nizam's remarks were greeted with strong criticism from various quarters, following which President Richards dismissed him as chairman of the PSC.

When Rowley makes the following statements in response to Mr Mohammed's representation of the facts:

"The actions and statements of Mohammed warranted an intervention by the President...

"It was Mr Mohammed's attempt to create the scenario of how they got there by virtue of racial preference, and then setting himself the assignment of fixing it to create a balance, the nature of which was questionable against his statistics and his understanding or misunderstanding of the situation. …

"That is offensive and demoralising to the Police Service, especially the executive officers who are charged with the responsibility of fighting crime in this country,"

It becomes clear that the Opposition Leader was acting in haste and with a prejudiced mind. Now I wonder what he will utter in response to this victory for democracy.

Diane Solomon

O' Meara