Thursday, December 14, 2017

No common sense in decision-making



Mark Fraser

 I thought for a while that I was in Alice in Wonderland and that the Mad Hatter had taken over. So just in case,  here’s how it appears. We must now spend $1 billion to bring up to scratch two Towers, built some nine years ago and left fallow, at a cost of over $250 million each so that civil servants who have been working in unhealthy and unsafe conditions.

Over the same nine-plus years can move in to allow another $1 billion to be spent on refurbishing their original places of work.

Meantime, no one can get a new BIR number, pay their taxes, and get their visa extended among other things.

Also, meantime NIB has pensioners taking in to them their Electronic Birth Certificate in less than four weeks, but the NIB forgot to put in their letter of advice that the instructions apply only to those persons born in Trinidad and Tobago. 

This is so, like the Inland Revenue Department.  They can have pensioners who are proficient in computers and have printers, can download their forms and extend their life certificates at the press of a button. Wow!  I saw an elderly pensioner in the NIB office on Wrightson Road, barely able to walk and partially blind being assisted by a strong young man. He will no doubt remember his PIN number for the next say 40 years. Yuh think?

Recently people with no common sense have been making decisions that are mind boggling so here’s something for the Minister of Finance Larry Howai. In your next budget you will allow all annuities paid for a period of ten years to be granted tax free status to those persons who are over 70 years old. I am sure, Honourable Minister, you can spare some of the shortfall from the billions now being spent on the folly towers.

Maybe this will assist those pensioners with the purchase of a computer one day.

Dallas Kidman