Sunday, February 25, 2018

No one forcing you to vote twice

 Why are people under the assumption if their party of choice gets dropped out and is not longer a viable option in the run-off election they are being forced to vote for a party they do not support? If that is the case, you simply don’t vote in the run-off election if you so choose, right?

The aim of the run-off election, in my opinion, is to give those others a second chance to have more of a say in who the representative of the constituency is. No one is forcing you to vote; just merely giving you another chance to have an impact on the outcome of the process.

It’s ultimately your choice to withhold your vote in the run-off election or choose from the top two in order to ensure no person enters the Parliament without at least 50 per cent of the votes.

We always call for better representation by our members of Parliament. The Government makes steps to improve the representation we get, and now everyone has a problem!

Jason Peters