Saturday, February 24, 2018

No respect for humanity

 the extent to which dishonesty pervades official circles today is alarming. Aphorisms such as “honesty is the best policy”, “all men are equal”, the “rule of law”, “equal justice for all”, “democracy”, “no one is above the law”—these are dead! 

 People have lost respect for “order” when what is understood to be order is inherently hierarchic. People disregard truth since it often compromises any material advantage. 

Human life has completely lost any value so that when an idea arises from another human that gets in the way of what we would want, we no longer dialogue logically, we simply eliminate the human from whom it came. Presidents and heads of state do it; gang leaders do it; husbands and wives do it, just as children have begun to do it.

Everything is measured in our return in dollars and cents. We have made a full circle in terms of our value system when one among us can look into the eyes of children, babies and non-interfering human beings—298 fellow humans—and deliberately, as an act of the will—decide to launch a missile at them, extinguish their lives, as a means to some bizarre end that in some way would be to the advantage of the perpetrators. 

Would anyone be held accountable? We wait and see. Rest assured, a deliberate act like this is of itself the fertile soil from which others like it must spring.  I am truly sorry for humanity!

Steve Smith

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