Thursday, February 22, 2018

No support systems for school laptops

 This week I had the task of getting the pupils of my school to fill out a Ministry of Education survey about the use of laptops in school. I always believed this initiative was doomed to fail because there was no consideration of the other factors such as school infrastructure and the teachers. My point has been further proven.

My school had no wireless connections before so I begged to get some funds to put up a working wireless network so we could at least use the laptops.

Naturally we could not afford the most robust routers suited to high traffic and network management.

About 30 laptops tried to connect and as expected the router could not handle it and the exercise was a failure.

My point is if the Government had any foresight they would know providing laptops is only one-third of the puzzle.

How could they provide the laptops and not get proper wireless networks up in the school? How could they provide the laptops and not train or even update teachers on the educational programmes at their disposal?

I would love to see the integration of laptops in classes, but right now it’s like a automobile that has a roaring engine with no wheels and a bent chassis.

I hope this survey proves the devices are heavily underutilised and a waste of time without a proper infrastructure in every school.

Andre Charles