Sunday, December 17, 2017

No change in crime stats at all

One of my few New Year's resolution is to publicly address individuals, especially individuals who have either accidentally or miraculously found themselves in positions of authority, who intentionally mislead this society with bogus information. Such has been allowed to continue for far too long. In all good conscience, I am offended each time I read or hear someone who gets up in front of a podium and regurgitates some insulting statistics. I am reminded of the three levels of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.

A report carried in the media cited Ag Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams on working in 2013 to improve murder detection rates. The report also noted that of the 71 murders committed up to March 2012, "only seven were solved up to that time". Mr Ag CoP, with all due respect to the office you hold, your understanding of "solve" defies logic. I have pointed this out previously that a crime "detected" is not necessarily solved. "Solved" comes after a firm conviction in the courts, not in the media where accused are held up for photo ops, with the exception of your officers who are guided through backdoors and basements, or in vehicles, with their heads covered.

Perhaps Mr Williams would care to explain to taxpaying citizens of this nation why the detection rates for the past couple years—we can take from 2008 to 2012 since that is all his organisation has provided— are consistent? Why is the detection rate on stolen vehicles from 2008-2012 consistently at 0.04 per cent, year in year out? Why is the detection rate on homicides for the same period averaging at 13.8 per cent? Why are the detection rates on robberies the same 0.09 per cent for the past couple years? Are your men and women working with a quota, like regional corporation labourers who are mandated to cut off the heads of 100 feet of grass per task?

And, of course, there is the one area in which your officers appear to be overzealous—narcotics. Pray tell, what is it about your officers' work ethic with drugs that makes detection rates for narcotics so meticulous: 100 per cent, year in year out, from as far back as 2005 if we choose to go that far back? Of course, I know the reason, but coming from you, I am sure it would gain a bit more credibility.

Mr Williams, for your information, the crime rate is not down in this nation. And it is high time that you, along with Deputy Commissioner Mervyn Richardson and public information officer Sgt Wayne Mystar, stop holding unnecessary media conferences, wasting people's time, trying to explain things over which you have no idea. People have lost even greater confidence in your organisation and are not reporting crimes which would normally be reported.

Calling for greater co-operation from your stakeholders? Who are your stakeholders, Mr Williams? DOMA (Downtown Owners and Merchants Association) and Lee Sing? Certainly, they are not the citizens of this land. I know of one gentleman with a TV show who gains more respect than the 7,000 men and women in your organisation. Ask yourself why.

Rudy Chato Paul Sr