Friday, February 23, 2018

No one looked at my documents


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I went to get my visa to go for a holiday in the US for about two weeks and paid my fee, had all my documents, and they did not even open my file and take a look at the documents. When I went up to the window, they just asked me questions, which I answered honestly, and then they said I have nothing that ties me to the country. How can that be so when they did

not even look at my documents?


in San Fernando


Many people are confused when during their visa interview at the US Embassy, the consular officer does not look at the many documents they brought or gives them only a brief glance.

It is important to understand that applying for most non-immigrant visas is not primarily a documentary process. Consular officers very seldom dwell on documents. What is at issue is intent, and documents alone can never establish an applicant's intentions. Documents can serve as evidence that an applicant is well established in their own country and in some circumstances, can help individuals to establish that their intent is to return to their home country after a visit to the US. Consular officers may or may not need to examine documents closely to make a decision about an applicant's intent.

If a consular officer makes a decision about a case without a detailed scrutiny of submitted documents, it is because other circumstances of the case were already clear. If a visa application is refused, it is highly unlikely that any document that an applicant could provide would significantly alter the consular officer's decision about intent. Remember that consular officers are highly trained interviewers, and they don't interview documents, they interview people.

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