Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No shoulderto ply on

The accident that occurred on the Solomon Hochoy Highway in Freeport near a well-known highway eatery again raises questions about our lack of enforcement of the law and lack of observance of road safety.

It would seem that the persons whose vehicles were parked on the shoulder and were damaged are in a bit of legal limbo. This is because the shoulder of the highway is for emergency use; and not for use as a parking lot for customers of any establishments, which should not be allowed in the first place. I have no special place in my heart for truck drivers, particularly those who suddenly veer off the road, nor do I have anything against popular eating establishments.

A highway shoulder is provided as a place where motorists may pull aside in case of any emergency. It is not a parking lot, nor is it for tailgate parties, as I have seen it used a few times.

We tend to ignore or do not appreciate that the reason why people seem to have greater observance of the law in other countries is because, over time, they have come to know that there will be consequences for their errant actions.

The Police Service and other regulatory agencies can go about and PR all they want and try to plead with and persuade people to do the right thing and observe "best practices" etc. Until and unless they all get off their behinds and place boots on the ground and notices in the mail to punish and deter people from doing the wrong things, we all are just fooling ourselves about wanting things to ever get better in T&T.

Reggie Noel