Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No water for the holidays


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Whether its Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Old Year's Day, New Year's Day, Easter, Labour Day or Independence Day it makes no difference to the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), they want us to know they are in full control of our water supply, particularly at Marcano St, Manahambre Road, in Princes Town.

This monopoly by WASA is indeed detrimental to any developed country. Yet we parrot our 50th anniversary drivel and a basic necessity like water, even on the most sharing and caring  day in the year, is too much to  ask for.

Imagine incessant rainfall  cannot even jolt their outdated  system of turning off the supply at will on this street. 

I am positive if I were to ask  the average turncock Joe why do they lock us off every day without fail his response would be "just following instructions" or sometimes none at all.

Is anybody serious in moving this country forward? Starting with water, for example does WASA have a heart, or do we need competition in the market?

But then, too many interests  will be affected, so it will always be business as usual and the hated twins of WASA—efficiency and delivery—must take a back seat.

But like I always say, who  cares, if WASA refuses to send  water for us of all days like Christmas Day, can we depend  on them on a normal day? 

Where is the supply for this street going to? What area WASA, please tell us? Who is  there to appeal to? 

But pay your bill on time or  be disconnected is their mantra.

We are in charge and I will  repeat, the only solution to this  problem is competition and let  the chips fall where they may.  But do the powers have the  courage?       

Denise Webb

via e-mail