Thursday, February 22, 2018

Noise violating my home and space

Noise pollution continues to be a serious problem because of the abject failure of many different persons who have for too long been insulting the intelligence of law-abiding citizens. This has to stop.

To the head of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), your organisation has been in existence since 2001 and after millions of dollars have been spent on a building, on staff salaries and fleets of SUVs the country is more noisy now than before. This is shameful and obscene.

To the Police Commissioner, you and your officers have abdicated your responsibility to arrest this scourge, especially in all the vehicles on our roads. When residents are being disturbed in their homes every day or every weekend they want immediate results, not this foolishness from the EMA about having to write a complaint and wait weeks for a reply and more weeks for results. What are we to do in the mean time, wear ear muffs?

Noise pollution is a violation of our homes and our space not unlike burglary and robbery. Police must be given the authority to deal with polluters, first with a warning and then confiscation of equipment. To the Minister of Health. Noise pollution causes sleep loss, irritability, stress and hypertension which can lead to heart attack and stroke. Yet you remain stoic on this issue, how disappointing. Also some of these idiots with powerful stereos in their vehicles have young children as passengers and this is a serious threat to their sensitive ears.

To the Minister of the People and Social Services. This is also a social issue. Noise impacts negatively on the quality of peopleís lives in case you didnít know. These persons are much more likely to be involved in criminal activity to gain wealth which equals more attention.

The media. You all are very aware of the scale of this nuisance as every week you receive letters from readers such as myself on this issue, yet there is no action on your part. I have no doubt of the power of the media and I must express my disappointment that you all have not seen it fit to constantly highlight this issue and force these hypocritical administrators into action.

And to the Leader of the Opposition, Keith Rowley this problem of noise is at epidemic proportions in the areas where your party has strongest support. Excessive noise is a form of emotional and physical abuse. Our youth need to be nurtured in an environment that is pregnant with possibilities, conducive to study and creative and thoughtful expression and invention. Noisy homes and neighbourhoods are a hindrance to such a scenario .I therefore invite you to be part of the solution to this scourge now.

D F Redmond