Thursday, December 14, 2017

Noise makers having a whale of a time


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Since 2006, I've been collecting letters and articles complaining about noisemakers and their ill-effects on people, animals and communities, intending to add my complaints about it one day. 

I have not written before since the topic has continuously been kept alive by others. But now the level of noise in our society has reached unprecedented and unbearable levels, with the toothless, useless authorities (Police, EMA, courts, politicians) making only token noise in response, that I feel compelled to write.

I'll let others help me make my case by giving you a sampling from my collection to show what a national malaise noise-making has become. Each sample includes the headline and a snippet from the article/letter.

"Sleepless in South Oropouche": Which government official can we call at 3 a.m. when a car blaring Indian music or dancehall music drives down the main road and wakes you up?

:Sleepless in St James:: There is no respect for people in this country anymore...I want to know who in authority believes in giving another bar licence in St James?

"Band together to combat noise pollution": Magistrates continue to award licences to any and every bar owner to blast citizens with loud music.

"Noise is still a problem": However, the major problem, for both people and animals, was caused by the noise level coming from fetes over a period of up to eight hours or longer.

"Deafening silence on loud music": I wish to draw your attention to the now out-of-control and unbearable noise problem, in particular that of loud music being played by neighbours in residential areas.

"Noise pollution in Pasea": For years now we have been subjected to ridiculous levels of noise in the form of loud music played at any time of the day and night by a DJ who lives in the village.

"Let's stamp out the noise scourge": Disturbing, disgusting and damaging, that's the way I describe the excessive noise with which I have to put up daily.... Mr Commissioner of Police, please implement the law that governs noise levels so that sensible and reasonable people can once again enjoy peace in our homes.

"Victory jam disrupts class": Our classes were completely shut down by the noisy playing of sponsored, amplified, DJ music on a "big" truck which parked close to a nearby bar. The police said the sponsor had paid $10,000 to stage the "session".

While I do not wish to deny some the dubious pleasure of damaging their eardrums, ordinary folks must be able to enjoy peace and quiet in their homes. I would advocate an "instant ticket"system for noise-makers, with fines ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000 (bar owner, neighbour to mega event), after a single warning.  

Noel Kalicharan

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