Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Non-stop jamming

 Point Fortin is the only town in the world with a roundabout that is not a roundabout. A few years ago the traffic flow around what is known as the “Hi Lo Roundabout’’ was changed so that one cannot encircle the roundabout. In addition, traffic along the market, Wickham and Tanner Streets was made one-way without consultation with the residents to be affected.

Consequently, on a daily basis, literally thousands of vehicles entering Point Fortin from the south west peninsula (Erin, Buenos Ayres, Chatham, Cedros, Icacos etc.) have to use Tanner Street, a residential area.

What the changed traffic plan has done is to remove the traffic jam from the commercial district to a residential area. Utter madness!

Residents of Tanner Street are now subjected to two forms of pollution 24 hours a day—1. Noise pollution from large commercial vehicles and all PTSC buses entering Point Fortin, and 2. Air pollution from diesel vehicles.

Residents feel as though the heavy vehicles are driving through their living rooms which is worse at nightime. 

Letters to the Mayor of Point Fortin seeking a revision of the traffic flow have not yielded any positive results. Perhaps the Traffic Management Division of the Ministry of Works should intervene. 

Annette Singh

via e-mail