Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Nothing will come out of this

 Wait, wait, wait! Has Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar issued another reprimand to one of her ministers? “Reprimand” and “discharge” is glove in hand. 

Maybe the Prime Minister is trying not to be hasty this time in her decision-making process to seriously eject Anil Roberts from his seat in the house. 

Maybe she has banished too many ministers already. Prime Minister you don’t have to save face. You must do what is right, no compromise. I am sorry Madam Prime Minister. These types of ministers are making it more and more difficult for you to manage this little country. 

How many ministers will you have to fire to get the train moving in the right direction? Nevertheless, a decision must be taken. Mr Roberts has no place in Parliament. You know it and I know it. Anil has failed and failure is not an option; not this time around. 

“Do it right the first time” should be the mantra of your Government but sad to say, some ministers do not recognise the word “right” or even know what it means. Mr Roberts is now saying that many “little black boys” will suffer due to the termination of the LifeSport programme. Who taught him about pathos? Is he that empathic? 

In the first place, why did he use the term “little black boys?” Not only are little black boys suffering; little black girls are suffering just the same. Is he gender biased? 

In fact, there are many of the masses, black, white, yellow, and green who are suffering; suffering for one or more reasons. Despite the wealth of Trinidad and Tobago it seems that there is a group of people in this country who cannot even smell the money. 

If the LifeSport programme was an attempt to evenly distribute the wealth then it surely was a reckless design. Madam Prime Minister you may want to say that it was a big mistake and that we will do better next time. 

At the end of the day, money went into the wrong hands, lost forever because of fraud, miscalculation, and misappropriation. 

How many times must the people of Trinidad and Tobago go through this fire? Again and again we are being burned Madam Prime Minister. Apparently money grows on trees in Trinidad and Tobago or maybe we have all adopted the phrase “Money is no problem.” 

How do you want us to feel now, Prime Minister? How do you want us to feel? Should we trust your Government to conduct any further business on behalf of all of us, the people of Trinidad and Tobago? I know you mean well, but how do you convince us now? I guess the answer is blowing in the wind.

I must applaud the Prime Minister for the stance she has taken to stop the haemorrhage, but as everything else in Trinidad and Tobago I am dubious that anything will come out of this. 

This matter will be swept under the carpet and allowed once more to die. After nine months we will all forget about it. Christmas and Carnival will come and we will sing and dance.

Johnny Coomansingh       

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