Monday, February 19, 2018

Nothing more than a Best Village show

The Dimanche Gras show failed to excite the imagination of the viewing audience and can be best described as an abysmal failure and relegated to the status of a good Best Village performance with some excellent performers.

Culture is the instinctive behaviour of people and cannot be dictated or regulated. Dimanche Gras has morphed into what it is over countless generations and while some change is necessary, the radical changes that were made destroyed the roots of the tradition.

Apart from a show that drifted along with the audience lost, there was also the tradition where families and friends gathered to view the show on television before moving to the streets for Jouvert celebrations being eroded as the show failed to whet the appetite or hold the interest of the viewers.

Whatever the objective of the show was it was not communicated to the population. While change is necessary, meaningless change can be destructive.

Ken George

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