Thursday, December 14, 2017

Now Dr Rowley, that's obscene

KEITH ROWLEY must be the most uncharitable politician in Trinidad and Tobago.

He describes the Government's response to an insulting editorial in a Jamaican newspaper as "obscene". Let me tell you what is obscene.

Remember the first oil boom, when "petrodollars" were flowing like water through this country? The then PNM government used some of those dollars to provide assistance to our Caribbean neighbours by way of loans. They squandered the rest, so much so that these very Jamaicans insulted us by saying that the money passed through us "like a dose of salts". No talk of "ethnic stocking" back then. What was the PNM's response? Years later they wrote off those loans. That's obscene!

Perhaps the Jamaica Observer editorial writer is peeved because the Prime Minister let all and sundry know, and rightfully so, that we are no longer an ATM for the region. I feel everyone would have been better served if Dr Rowley had just kept his mouth shut.

R Sandy

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