Saturday, December 16, 2017

Now’s the time to put prayers back in schools

 The PM and every God-fearing person in sweet T&T know how important prayer is. With the emphasis on this Week of Prayer, I think now is the appropriate time to return prayers to our schools. We have seen many results from the power of prayer. 

We’ve lost a lot spiritually by removing prayers from our schools. We have seen the results of our folly with the escalating crime wave that is sweeping our nation. Our youth have no fear for God or man. Whenever we have a problem that man can’t solve we turn to Almighty God for answers. Now is the time we need God’s blessings and mercy more than ever to heal our sick land.

 I hope the powers-that-be would allow good sense to prevail and bring back prayers into our schools. As Ras Shorty I rightly lamented, “We push the creator out”.

Valentine Young 

New York