Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nursing students need urgent help

Once again nursing students are upset and disappointed with the recurring problems at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, (COSTAATT) and no one is heeding our plea.

Numerous letters have been sent and meetings have been held with the chair, dean and acting president of the college and nothing has changed. Town hall meetings were held with board members and even this has failed to bring about resolutions to our problems. It seems that the situation is worsening and students are feeling the full brunt of it.

The college has more than it can handle with hundreds of students in the general nursing programme and only six clinical instructors, two of whom are part-timers.

Students have been on the wards unsupervised for years and are forced to fend for themselves, struggling to learn the skills necessary to become a competent nurse.

The college boasts of hiring two new clinical instructors. However, at the same time one handed in her resignation and another is rumoured to be leaving soon as well.

We, the nursing students of COSTAATT, are sending out an SOS. We are calling on Fazal Karim, Minister of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, to assist us. Dr Fuad Khan, Minister of Health, help us, the future of nursing is in grave danger.

The Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago, please assist us, we are at a severe disadvantage to sit your exams, to the TTRNA, please support us and help your future members. To the people “in charge”, its time to follow the words of Florence Nightingale and do what you are suppose to. Students’ lives and the future of nursing lie on the brink of devastation.

J Albert

Nursing Student