Monday, February 19, 2018

Obama's victory proves the world has truly changed

At that moment in November 2008 when Barack Obama was declared President-elect of the United States of America, this writer had raised his hands in the air with the expression "Hallelujah!" in adoration and ecstasy .

It was a most heartfelt expression of what was, until then, a dream for never did I envisage that I could have witnessed the inauguration of a non- white as president of the USA in my lifetime, given the fact that all previous presidents were historically, of European , especially of British, stock and given Mr Obama's inherent, and, until then, "unacceptable" ethnic background.

Needless to say his re-election, a short while ago, is even more momentous and significant! It demonstrates that America, and indeed the world, have come around to viewing issues not on the basis of stereotypes such as money and racial origin but rather on fundamentals such as morality, human dignity and merit.  

For it is clearly significant that Mr Obama, the Democrat, was able, through determination and a steadiness of mind, above all, to triumph over Mr Mitt Romney, notwithstanding the seemingly "bottomless pit" of money which was thrown into the elections campaign by the Republicans.

This speaks well, and kindles a hope, that the great USA, represented, at this moment more by a majority consisting of mothers and the youth, will lead the world along a path of love, of peace and of global  prosperity and happiness .

It is accepted that Mr Obama had been subjected to the most gruelling and, I dear say, the most unfair and undeserving and, perhaps, "distortional" elections campaign in American history—a campaign which, above all, had witnessed a call by the Republicans to the innate urge of imperialism which, it was assumed, fills the heart of the average "traditionalist" American.

It was a call for a return to the days of imperialism and "gunboat" diplomacy. Mr Obama's return to the White House for a further four years has put paid to this policy.

It is to be hoped that the Republican establishment will now accept that the world has undergone "clinical" change and that American future leadership and interest are dependent only on a diplomatic policy which is based on mutual respect and consideration  within the comity of nations. In this regard, President Obama has been vindicated. 

Errol OC Cupid