Sunday, December 17, 2017

Objections swept away

 So it has been finalised. There will be a different parade route for four selected mas bands despite the objections of Woodbrook residents who have a very valid case. But – say what. This is what democracy is all about, is it not? Make decisions and ignore the pleas of the citizens. 

Mayor Tim Kee met with the residents then declared that it is out of his hands. So why did you waste residents’ time, Mr Mayor? 

If you have no jurisdiction over the National Carnival Commission (NCC) then say so in advance and have the residents meet with the NCC instead. The 60 or so residents who attended the meeting were evidently not enough to change the plans.

What plan does the NCC have if one of the “chosen” few bands decides to go to the Savannah? What happens if a resident on Hamilton Holder/ O’Connor Street has an emergency and needs to bring out his car and go to the hospital? Is anything in place for this? 

An available waiting ambulance (needless to say nearby) would be a good idea. Maybe Woodbrook residents are too placid and law-abiding and are not inclined to burn tyres, an action that certainly gets results. 

W Dopson