Saturday, January 20, 2018

Old words butnew meanings

I applaud our President for the stirring and brilliant speech he gave at his inauguration. I was especially bowled over when he reminded us of our watchwords, "Discipline, Production and Tolerance".

Worldwide we have a reputation for being laid back or to be brutally frank, we "damn lazy" especially when it comes to work.

The only thing we produce consistently is a good lime with plenty, plenty old noise when we should be working and as for discipline, well, we are very disciplined when it comes to planning and organising a big lime or a big fete or a big strike or burning tyres.

Tolerance is our number one attribute! We tolerate lawlessness and corruption, drinking and driving and talking on our cellphones when driving; we tolerate breaking the speed limit and littering and destroying our environment and so on.

So I thank our new President for reminding us of these powerful words and I thank our first prime minister for giving us these critical words. I am sure however that Dr Williams did not intend these words to be interpreted and used as we do but thanks all the same sir.

May God bless and guide President Carmona in all his duties and undertakings.

K Jagessar