Saturday, February 17, 2018

On the e-mail trail

WHICH is easier to track? Snail mail or e-mail? Ought to be e-mail because of the digital data produced by digital communication transmission. The computers that created, stored and or transmitted Dr Rowley’s e-mails would have digital footprints of the activities. If the e-mails were intercepted that or those devices would contain digital point of origin and transmission history of the e-mails. 

The computers or servers of e-mail service providers would have digital footprints of the transmission. The computers or devices that received the e-mails and any digital devices that handled the e-mails would have digital footprints showing the point of origin of the e-mails, and computers and or servers it used to travel to its destination(s).

That computer or those systems would contain the “e-mail headers” or “full headings” of each e-mail to help us to piece together where the e-mail messages come from. E-mail headers contain all the digital information required to track where they came from. They hold the footprint of each server the e-mail travelled through which in almost all cases leads us back to the city/town the e-mail originated.

So where is the computer(s) that intercepted the e-mails? Or does that also need investigating? The digital footprint created by the assumed e-mails can launch a rapid conclusion to investigation into the origins of e-mails in ways Dr Rowley’s hard copy printouts cannot. Right now the person holding back the investigation he wants launched is Opposition Leader Rowley.  

We’ll know that Dr Rowley is serious when he hands over the computer(s) with the e-mails unaltered. Or when he says where the digital devices are and they are successfully recovered with e-mails intact. 

B Joseph

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