Thursday, February 22, 2018

On the safe side of the highway

Arrive Alive is usually on the ball with respect to ongoing advice to the traffic authorities and motorists/pedestrians. But they dropped the ball when, following on the tragic deaths of the couple near the Divali Nagar site, they suggested a pedestrian crossing on the highway.

If they meant a zebra crossing with flashing lights, that's a no no. You will not find that on a major highway in any developed country.

If they meant an overhead pedestrian crossing, that's a waste of money. Trinis have a noted propensity to either underutilise or not utilise such a facility.

Three examples come to mind: 1. Many years ago, a wooden overhead crossing at City Gate had to be demolished; 2. the overhead crossing on the Lady Young Road was underutilised from the start (I don't know if it's still operational); and 3. the crossing at Westmall is also underutilised, with pedestrians still chancing their lives running across the roadway.

The obvious solution is to prohibit any parking on the verges of the north bound highway. Motorists must only park on or adjacent to the Divali Nagar site.

With respect to the recent accident in front of the Highway Roti Shop in Freeport, for years on a daily basis, motorists have safely parked on the layby in front of the shop. Following on the action of an errant truckdriver, the police have suddenly remembered that this layby is for police use only (no signage to the effect) and which they have never used.

Now, they have placed no parking signs. What a knee jerk reaction!

Annette Singh

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