Saturday, February 24, 2018

Only in T&T

Two reports carried in yesterday’s Express were “WPC freed on DUI charge”, in which a woman police constable was charged with driving under the influence; the other, “Sando doctor guilty of drunk driving”, in which a doctor attached to the San Fernando hospital was also charged with driving under the influence.

The doctor, who registered 18 microgrammes above the legal limit, admitted fault and apologised. He was found guilty and charged $2,000.

The WPC, who registered 46 microgrammes above the legal limit, almost three times more than the doctor, in addition to being a police officer also administers breathalyser tests when on duty. The magistrate dismissed her case.

One would expect those who are entrusted to uphold the law should be exemplary in their conduct and be held to a higher standard, and therefore their position should attract the stiffest of penalties. But I forget... this is Trinidad.

David Maharaj

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