Friday, December 15, 2017

Only tigers in the fight

Some people, over the years, have rubbished the power of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Women’s League. Think again.

The league is now recognised as being instrumental in the loss of certain areas of the East-West Corridor in the general elections of 2010.

In typical “cut off your nose to spoil face” behaviour, which is synonymous with the diehard PNM supporters and ministers of varying seniority and importance, they threatened to stay at home.

Certain people—no names need be called—decided that if Pennelope Beckles-Robinson were not chosen to represent them at the polls, none of them would cross the front step. 

History will record that in established PNM style of losing grandly and magnificently, this time around the PNM ended May 2010 with a paltry 12 electoral seats. The prevailing comfort was that at least it was more than three.

The league appears to be on the verge of attempting to make another historical political faux pas, refusing to acknowledge change in the political arena is loudly and clearly saying senior female contenders in any of the seats in any of our now myriad political parties are not in style for 2015.

As said in local parlance, “irregardless” of how sweet, how beautiful, how much loved and respected, whether already in post or aspiring to take on a senior political position, the general election will be fought among the “tigers”.

The prime ministership is not like seeing a nice dress in one of the malls and heading into town to buy it.  Nothing on sale in 2015 will be affordable to people who are thinking 2010 prices.

Lynette Joseph

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