Saturday, December 16, 2017

Onwards soldier...

 Something is forever being lost or found, being born or dying! It illustrates the timeless culminate or manifesting construct that binds Life itself in a cognitive modem. 

Our brother Ainsley Mark has walked his allotted mile with exemplary passion and with a depth of conviction, enviable of Avatars! We seldom disagreed, but our friendship was rooted in a mutual sense of vocation to re-assemble the individuation of our Race in its function at building a new world perspective on society, that, he explicated in his unobtrusive manner, lent support to many an erstwhile situated soul that wandered his way. 

His chosen expression as a certified accountant went immensely far beyond settling formulae for certification of tax issues! In essence he strove to bring certification to ableness latently concealed in many of whom, only less was ever thought, or expected!  

Death, that unquenchable alien and conscience of the void has, as it appears to us, quite abruptly snatched him, who was so dear to our hearts, from us! But, why grieve, aren’t we always relieved when the best bet of us goes away; the further the better! 

In our fashionable posthumous rituals, we no longer have to wonder about his meaning to us, but as a reference to the unbridgeable disappearance of opportunity to live with him, which was to dream, to build, to love, and to dwell, dignified among those intransigent tasks, intrinsic to justice and a true embrace of the open to effort! 

Let us praise him in a continuous memorial that is prompted by the model of his indefatigable feats that stunned us with invitation to a whorl of efforts that found us if only briefly touched by the immensity of what is foundationally beautiful and harmonious. There, we would often find him, a bit stolid, behind an ancestral stern, which charted for us, a verifying course that rectified our dreams!  

The deed is done. We need not go far to see him reflected in the profound devotion of his wife Claire; his sons Kamau, Sekou, Nje; his sisters Gloria and Carol; his close friends and loyalists Lenny, Tony, Bukka, Kelvin and Sharon… Of course there is Jim and many others—all well ordained, the faithful ones on his trek! 

God Bless…


LeRoy Clarke

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