Monday, January 22, 2018

Our 2014 wish-list

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) will continue to work for a better Trinidad and Tobago in 2014 and beyond, in order to ensure food, energy and water security for all.

Our New Year’s wish-list is:

1. That exploration for oil and gas is regulated, with basic social and environmental safeguards specifically in the conduct of seismic surveys.

2. That the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) will uphold its mandate for sustainable development and independence from the political directorate as was anticipated in the Environmental Management Act 2000.

3. That our less affluent citizens and communities will be treated with respect and dignity by public officials as is their obligation to all citizens of our Republic.

4. That Petrotrin will clean up the Gulf of Paria and the surrounding mangroves and environs from the catastrophic oil spills that are now crippling the marine ecosystems and the national fisheries.

5. That the Government will consult with communities regarding the designated mining zones, and that these zones are managed to protect our acquifers from which we obtain our potable water.

6. That water security remain a public right and responsibility and not be transferred into the hands of private profiteers.

7. That the energy sector be made more efficient and transparent and provide greater national benefit in view of the fact that the national gas tank is less than half empty and to recognise that what is left is worth much more than what has already been removed.

8. That the Government legislate a Director of Public Appointments to approve and oversee the integrity of the appointment process for State boards.

9. That the Government bring to Parliament the long-promised procurement legislation.

10. That the Government should address as a national priority, a humane model to uplift the depressed urban areas, specifically to improve the quality of life, infrastructure and services in these communities, and to take an inspired approach to address crime and violence amongst our youth.

We remain, forever yours in sustainable and inclusionary development,

Gary Aboud

Terrence Beddoe

via e-mail