Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our hearts rocked by senseless tragedy

 The murder of Dana Seetahal will be worn on the heart of Trinidad and Tobago for a long time.  This tragedy is an echo of murder after murder, ripping apart families and communities across T&T.

This carnage is not normal or ordinary or inevitable. Yet, after exhaustive media coverage and countless commentaries, nothing happens.

Each and every one of our actions, and each and every one of our inactions, has us where we are today.  Perhaps our (whatever adjective you choose) politics, and the collective sense that “nothing will change’’, has resulted in our apparent resignation, but when we think differently and behave differently and speak honestly, then change is inevitable and it will come from each and every one of that our parents are safe and our children play and our fellow Trinbagonians have hope of happier days. Each and every one of us has this ability to change.

May her soul, and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace, and through the grace of God, grant us serenity, courage and wisdom to carry on for the safety of our Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Natasha Mohammed

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