Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our kaiso needs room to develop

Out of the many many good calypsoes we now have 11 after a selection process and a rigorous and tiring few weeks on the road.

While we may argue that the process may be flawed, biased or subject to human error and subjectivity, we all must accept that the judges’ decision is final.

Our art form will not grow in the manner we want it to in an atmosphere of constant artistic competition and in a matrix that narrows our cultural expression to a two-month period.

We need more forums for collaboration and artistic excellence minus the negatives of judging and competitiveness. From a scientific perspective, the arts is a right-brain function while competition is a left-brain activity. This suggests that constant competition limits creative expression.

Artistes must feel free to do things out of the box of what judges want to hear or see. We need more opportunities to enjoy our performances without the emotional rush for glory, without the impersonal and sometimes cold approach to individual success.

For while we have had a lot of individual successes, we cannot confidently say that our art form is a successful one in the global scheme of things.

Nerukhi Ato Osei

via e-mail