Sunday, December 17, 2017

Our one and only statesman

Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson is the only true statesman this country has produced and this will be so for many more decades. Mr Robinsonís contribution to humankind is immeasurable. As the leader of the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) and prime minister he wanted to take this country and its citizens to First World status. His policies ensured that the country survived the mess it was put in by a government that had just raped the treasury, a government that was bankrupt of ideas to take the country even an inch forward.

We all know that YTEPP, the cottage industry programme, the Priority Bus Route malls, small business development and the Value Added Tax system were a few of the initiatives of the Robinson-led NAR government and are all successes to this day. When the Robinson government cut public servantsí salaries by ten per cent after his MPs led by example, the labour leaders and others wanted his neck. The NIC proposal to the labour leaders to repay the public servants which they burnt publicly haunts them to this day.

The establishment of the International Criminal Court, an initiative of Mr Robinson, stands out as a discovery to cure some incurable ďdiseasesĒ that have plagued the world.

I was a member of the national executive of the NAR with Mr Robinson as political leader and I can say that his mere presence changed the level of debate at meetings. You had to dig deep when making a presentation. His office was filled with such an air of quietude that you got the feeling he was communicating mentally with world leaders. He was always in deep thought and looked for ways to do things to make one a better human being. He was a selfless man.

After he was shot and even though he had not fully recovered, I remember him chipping away on the dance floor at the Anchorage during a dinner and dance function of the NAR.

I wish he could have been cloned so the world could benefit from a rare human being a little longer.

Lystra Lythe

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