Thursday, January 18, 2018

Our only hope is in the Divine­

 The continuing shedding of blood that is rapidly flowing through the land has surpassed the boundaries of gun-toting gangsters and robbers. 

Just recently, the country woke up to the shoc­king death of one of the country’s well-respected professionals and, now, we have reached to another dreadful and pained low. Yes, our children. The horrific circumstances under which the young and vulnerable ones of our nation are forced to surrender their short lives are becoming an almost daily occurrence. A 13-year-old, 17-month-old, a 17-day-old. What was their crime? 

Yet the news headlines change fast and furiously as the savagery rages on, leaving no one aloof to the scourge of violent death. A clear signal, indeed, that the life of every individual of our nation, regardless of age or status, is under threat. Fear and insecurity have gripped the country to the core. 

Such circumstances beg various questions that many may superficially answer by laying blame on weak systems of protection, various authorities and other bodies that hold the reins of power. However, deep analysis indicates clearly that the root of all the atrocities of which we are victims or are witnessing today lie in “karma”, that is, our very own actions. 

Nothing happens without a cause. It is a universal law that every action produces, without fail, a reaction. It is boldly apparent that our country is paying the penalty for previous collective actions of individuals, groupings and the society as a whole. We are reaping the fruits of seeds planted in the past. The cumulative effect of previous misdemeanours are just beginning to bear fruit. What we are experiencing today could be just the tip of the iceberg.

No need to delve far, the daily abuse and disrespect inflicted by humans upon each other, laws, institutions, the environment and duties is horrendous. The rampant compromising of principles that we see all around is appalling. Most certainly, this is a reflection of a lack of spirituality. 

Paramacharya Pt Hardeo Persad

Spiritual head, SWAHA