Saturday, February 24, 2018

Out-of-place reference

 I am writing to address a serious inconsistency found in the two-page spread done by the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development, entitled “Protect our children from sexual abuse: Child Sexual Abuse is a Crime” that is being featured in the newspapers. 

The spread clearly outlines the different sexual offences against children, listing the crimes against minors and the legal repercussions of such actions. 

At first I was quite pleased to see the Ministry attempting to educate the public on  the legal consequences of committing such abhorrent acts. However, what I cannot seem to understand, is why the topic of “buggery” as performed between two adults covered on a list based on sexual offences against minors. 

Buggery carries a 25-year sentence if committed by an adult on an adult and according to this list, not even two consenting adults are excluded from these legal penalties. 

In what universe do sexual acts that are performed by two consenting adults offend minors? Oh right, in Trinidad. 

Mariyah Rahman

via e-mail