Thursday, December 14, 2017

Own up to your responsibility

 Is this our modernised Alice in Wonderland? As a parishioner at St Mary’s Anglican, I have decided that the public good is greater than shielding those who are given a mandate. The Head of the Anglican Church, the Most Reverend Berkeley, held by many on the mountain of ethical standing and morality has slipped off from the pinnacle and fell into the abyss of disappointment and disillusionment. I speak of the apparent deflection of responsibility for what was unearthed by the investigation into St Michael’s Home for Boys which has been blown into the public domain. 

The Reverend Berkeley seems to have consumed from the “wine of astonishment” as seen by his stunned response into the fiasco at the home that is no overnight phenomenon but years and years of nonchalance and “doh care dam”. The one who oversees the home’s day to day activities is the manager who takes direction and guidance from the Board of Management which our goodly reverend heads. 

Thank goodness for  Minister Clifton De Coteau for commissioning an independent investigation into the home, the findings of which have been sent to the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions for immediate action according to media reports. In the meantime, we have to cringe whenever we think of those unfortunate youngsters at St Michael’s who have been subjected to a ‘double whamee” of evil and injustice by those who were expected to shield them.

Stanley Wiltshire