Sunday, January 21, 2018

PM must right wrongs to Ms Miller

With regard to the Cheryl Miller fiasco, I am hereby appealing to the Prime Minister to act decisively and expeditiously towards the resolution of this matter.

Firstly, she must immediately take all the necessary steps to have Ms Miller released from the St Ann's Hospital without further delay. The undeniable fact is she was not sent there by a competent authority, therefore, her constitutional rights have automatically been infringed. Her continued incarceration adds insult and aggravation to injury.

Secondly, on account of the fact that this issue has done substantial damage to the international reputation of Trinidad and Tobago and has also caused tremendous fear, worry and trepidation among citizens, there needs to be an immediate high-level apology not only to the victim, personally, but, also, to the entire nation.

Thirdly, bearing in mind the humiliating indignities to which Ms Miller has been subjected, as well as the emotional trauma her family must have unnecessarily been forced to endure, the Government must, with a sense of urgency, initiate serious discussions aimed at providing adequate compensation for the damage that has been done to her good name and reputation.

It would reflect badly on the Government's part if instead of seeking to make amends for an unforgivable injustice, it were to allow her to initiate legal proceedings against it.

Fourthly, the Prime Minister must, without any hesitation whatsoever, fire Minister Verna St Rose-Greaves and cause disciplinary proceedings to be implemented against any other ministry officials who may have overstepped the bounds of their authority.

Unless this is done with immediate effect, many persons will remain convinced that this incident was not a mistake but a malicious and deliberate attempt to systematically erode the rights and freedoms which we, in this country, have taken for granted.

It is already being viewed in many quarters as an attempt to silence the voices of dissent in the Public Service. No one would then be able to blame them from concluding that our society is no longer a democracy but now in the same league as North Korea and Syria.

Janetta Manswell-Morgan

via e-mail