Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PNM, NAR, UNC, Partnership to blame


Mark Fraser

 Am I being difficult if I ask the question: if immigration officers at Piarco can manage to apprehend the odd drug trafficker incoming to Piarco and outgoing to world destinations, how come nobody cares about the goods being exported from our two main ports?

I would imagine that as no minis­ter can clearly comment on the contents of varied containers, it may well be that a lot more than US$600 million in drugs could have easily been moved out of Trinidad daily and for untold years.

We are talking People’s National Movement, National Alliance for Reconstruction, United National Congress and People’s Partnership’s years of Customs and Excise mismanagement.

Pot is not supposed to call the kettle black. The collective ignorance is total.

Is it possible the current Minister of National Security is indeed venturing where no man has gone before?

If Minister Gary Griffith succeeds with any aspect of his crime initiative, certain people will have to upgrade him to be worthy of much more than five cents. 

The most recent “nonsense talk” (as witnessed and heard in the collective media) is that there is an acute shortage of customs officers. So? So what? 

Members of the Police Service, the Regiment and the Coast Guard could be employed, in shifts, supplementing the customs officers. 

Pay them sufficiently pumped-up salaries and all officers would be begging for extra duties. Meanwhile, The University of Trinidad and Tobago should consider offering interested students a certified course: Container Inspector I, II and III.

Lynette Joseph

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