Sunday, February 18, 2018

PSA’s reckless move

 It is my respectful view Minister of Labour Errol McLeod continues to put the greater good of citizens first and foremost. On the contrary, Watson Duke continues to show us it is acceptable to self-interestedly hold an entire country to ransom and prevent people from gaining access to vital services, to simply advance personal political agenda.

What remains troubling to me is the laid-back stance the People’s National Movement (PNM) continues to show regarding the issue. The lack of condemnation toward the actions of the Public Services Association (PSA) by the PNM worries me. This is an issue of national importance; it affects everyone.

To deprive the citizens of such fundamental travel documents in a period such as the July-August vacation is reckless and insensitive on the part of the PSA.

It continues to show industrial action has reached an all-time low, with trade unionists making rash decisions based on their political bias, blatantly disregarding the impact on innocent citizens who remain frustrated, affected financially and without a passport.

Phillip Bryson