Monday, February 19, 2018

PSC biggest hindrance to proper Police Service

 I write today with respect to the service commissions, but in particular, the Police Service Commission (PSC). I have said this before, but well worth repeating, the PSC is the biggest single contributor to the di­saster that is the Police Service today and the horror that this country now and has been experiencing with respect to crime. 

Let me state from the outset that I have great respect for PSC chairman Ramesh Deosaran and member Martin George. But I am appalled that these gentlemen and others continue to participate in this charade. For example, to come before the nation with the pathetic excuse that they are hamstrung by bureaucracy and won’t be appointing a commissioner “any time soon”. Let us not forget, in a blatant display of insularity and indeed racism, who it was that ran former Canadian commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and his deputy, Jack Ewatski, out of town. 

The simple fact is if the PSC follows the law with respect to the hiring of a police commissioner, they probably will

end up with a white foreigner. That is 

what they want to change. I plead with

the politicians not to take them on. Let them do what they have to do within the confines of the law. Did the PSC ever consider that might be the only way to go if they wish to save this country?

And what about the pussyfooting around the performance of the acting Commissioner of Police? Big fanfare, rapping him publicly on the knuckles for the submissions of “late reports”. With a crime situation barrelling out of control, a detection rate about the lowest in the world, an indescribable murder rate and a population cringing in fear, the best you can do is talk about “late reports”? Any other country would have booted him out of office and replaced him. It is now 15 months since you got rid of Gibbs and Ewatski , and that is the best you can do? Shame on you. The country is bawling for leadership and you give us lame excuses?

Moving on, the Prime Minister, among other things, called for the can­-

cellation of leave of the Police and Army. Head of the Police Social and Wel­fare Association Anand Ramesar immediately jumps up and demands that she withdraw that command. How dare he? Who does he think he is? Ano­ther reason why the Police Service is in such a mess. Here’s a suggestion: establish an outpost on the coast of Venezuela and banish him there. 

Prime Minister, let us face it, whatever you are doing now is not working. Your Minister of National Security has been making public statements as to what he is going to do. My advice: tell him to stop talking and just do it. Fire

the rogue cops, get rid of the non-per­formers, starting from the top. Forget the lawyers and armchair critics. Face the consequences. The public will support you and love you for it. Most of all, 

a friend of mine once told me that poli­-

tics is the art of the possible. Start think-

ing the impossible and begin by disban­ding the Police Service Commission.

F Mouttet

via e-mail