Monday, January 22, 2018

PTSC, please help your Chaguanas commuters

 The travelling public from the Chaguanas area has been suffering immensely from the horrible service meted out to them by Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC). Chaguanas is a developing city and needs too be treated as such.

Passengers endure a frustrating experience with this service every day, whether morning or evening, holiday or no holiday, school or  no school. 

The buses are never on time and none of the customer “service” reps (when they take the time from their cellphones or their apparently most important conversations) ever know anything with reference to what’s going on with the buses which passengers wait for, sometimes over an hour.

PTSC, the people rely on the service which they are paying for, the one which you promise to provide in your mission statement, the one you are getting paid to do, the one which butters your bread and aids the public in buttering theirs. I have run out of the “bus excuse” for my boss. You all are putting people on the breadline.

 Your mission statement: “To be totally committed to providing a public transportation service which is efficient and effective in servicing the needs of the wider cross section of the national community, in a manner which is affordable to all, and which is fully supportive of all aspects of economical development at the national level.” 

The “service” to Chaguanas is neither efficient nor effective. 

Buses to Arima come ten minutes apart at times. Sometimes about ten passengers might be present at that bay —for a double carriage bus, while we have been waiting for (at times) an hour or more. 

The service is not “affordable” because some frustrated passengers have to find other means of getting to their destinations. As for the “support”, where is it? When people are late for school, work, appointments, babysitters, family responsibilities, etc, how does that contribute to national development? 

Your vision: “A customer service profitable transport company, providing a mix of environmentally friendly services by empowered employees who are result oriented.”

 Again, the only profit here is the one PTSC is making from hopeful passengers purchasing tickets. Friendly what? Service? I am confused! 

“Empowered” to get paid for mediocre service employees and the only result is a dissatisfied travelling public.

To the management of PTSC and employees, please, I am begging you on the behalf of Chaguanas passengers, please, at least try to provide the service you promised in your mission statement. 

Yolanda Cezar

via e-mail