Friday, January 19, 2018

Pain for workers?

It is with profound concern that I read recently that the Minister of Education is seriously considering replacing MTS security personnel with CCTV technology.

While I hold no brief for MTS and at the same time am not anti-technology, I can say with all passion that I believe in what economists call opportunity costs. In other words, no price prevails without some sacrifice or the other. For example, while we replace MTS staff, others who supply CCTV technology laugh all the way to the bank and MTS staff bites the dust pain and deprivation for yet another group of workers in the country.

We have to be careful with how we want to cut costs in different sectors of the nation. Human progress cannot be measured only in dollars and cents. We have to ensure that we continue to be our brothers' keepers. Everyone who wants to work and contribute to this nation must be given an opportunity to do so. Come on, Mr Minister, please consider the implications of your stroke of genius.

Raymond S Hackett

St Augustine