Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pan Splash a disrespect to pan

I remember how outraged I was a couple years ago, sitting in the stands for Panorama semi-finals, and hearing the music from the fete on the Greens being played loudly while the medium-sized bands were assembling on stage, and even when they started playing!

The people in the fete had no interest in what was happening on stage. Sorry Pan Trinbago, having those fetes at the same time as the pan semis did absolutely nothing to make the patrons any more interested in pan.As a matter of fact, it made them even more dismissive of this aspect of our rich heritage.

Now Pan Trinbago wants to introduce even more disrespect by having a pool party! Wet and wild, with absolutely no interest in what the rest of us have come out to experience. It will be an annoying distraction to serious pan lovers, and the steelbands, in which most of the players are young people!

If Pan Trinbago wants to woo fete lovers, may I respectfully suggest that they could have these pool p arties year round. Yes, call them “Pan Splash”.

Find an appropriate venue, and get the best steelbands to provide music while the skimpily-dressed frolic in the pool. Despers one weekend, All Stars the next week, etc.

It may just be a good idea. No DJ music, just the pan...and maybe, just maybe, a few of the young people may be converted to the pan.

But please, not at the Panorama semi-finals at Carnival time.

That is neither the time nor the place for it !

E Smith

via e-mail